A few examples of our product range.....

Automobile Adhesives

Spray and brush grades for metal, foam, PVC foils, cloth, carpeting, fibre board etc. with permanent heat resistant bonds, approved by major motor manufacturers and international trim suppliers.

Bookbinding Adhesives

Waterbased and hotmelt solutions for Padding, side seaming, paper lamination etc .

Construction Adhesives

Various grades for aluminium, cold room assembly, expanding polyurethane, panel cladding, plywood, woodworking adhesives etc.

Footwear Adhesives

UNIKEM ® continues to open new paths for the Shoe Industry. We offer the full range of adhesives and supporting products which are specifically developed for the footwear industry. This range includes polyurethane adhesives, lasting cements, contact adhesives, rubber solutions, natural latex, cleaners, solvents, finishes and top sprays as well as edge stains and fillers. Effective bonding of PU, PVC, TR, leather, high heat resistant lasting neoprene’s, permanent socking cementing and one side stick neoprene’s for blocking and upper assembly, make UNIKEM ® your shoemaking partner.

Furniture Adhesives

Brush or spray grades for fabric, foam to foam, plastics, leather, veneer lamination, post forming, general woodworking.

Hotmelt Adhesives

UNIKEM ® Locally manufactured Hotmelts which introduce the latest polymer technology for all industries as well as the first and only locally produced PSA Hotmelt PILLOW (TM).

Packaging Adhesives

Full range of products from hotmelt to waterbased for all packaging requirements and machines.

Specialised Adhesives

Unikem ® and Unimelt ® can customise and develop adhesive products according to the customer’s specifications and requirements.


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